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Close Encounters Travel Ethos

When you’ve seen the best the world has to offer, you feel a sense of responsibility to make sure it’s preserved – both for future generations and for those who live within it today. That’s why Close Encounters Travel has an ethical approach to creating travel tours. By understanding communities and the natural environments they live in, you can get closer to culture and wildlife than you’ve ever imagined!

Close Encounters Travel is committed to providing authentic adventures, while ensuring that the wilderness is conserved and the local communities are developed.

We endeavour to create tours and use accommodation that help the communities you visit directly by using locally owned and run businesses which support self development projects and care for the land, wildlife and people.

So we hope you’ll feel comfortable with us when creating your own experience – you can read more about our policy on responsible travel and, of course, you can talk to us if you’d like to understand more about the way we work.

To see how much carbon you will be generating via emissions when you go on your holiday, please see the Carbon Emissions page and follow the links to the calculators. If you want to off-set your emissions, there is an option on the calculator page to do this.

To find out about our own community project or for a copy of our conservation itineraries, follow the links on the left, get in touch or call +44 (0)1394 382235.


Our unique packages allows you to volunteer and sight-see at the same time – and allows you to get involved in the cultures you visit.

A more involving Holiday

Increasingly people worldwide are putting their hearts and hands to work while on holiday.

Responsible tourists are finding out they can have fun and make a difference! Your project fee includes a donation towards the project unless otherwise stated. We also endeavour to use local accommodation and transport providers from the community so that your project fees stay within the community served.

Project duration start from 5 days upwards and therefore can be easily integrated into your holiday itinerary:

Who can volunteer?

Anyone over 18 can join one of our volunteer programmes, either as an individual or part of group. You may find volunteering particularly appeals if you are:


If you can’t find exactly the type of voluntary project that you’re looking for, get in touch or call +44 (0)1394 382235.

Responsible Travel

Our Policy

Environmental Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Carbon Emissions and Climate Change

Given the environmental damage caused by harmful emissions, can we justify flying abroad for our holidays? Yes, says Close Encounters Africa, if you travel responsibly, support sustainable tourism, and off-set your carbon emmissions. More information about carbon emissions is below, with a link to an emissions calculator where you can work out your carbon footprint and see how much to donate to offset this figure.

Global climate change

The global climate is warming due to increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide is released through the burning of fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) used in generating electricity, heating and transportation.

It is up to all of us to address our individual ‘Carbon Footprint’. We can do this by minimising the use of energy, by using sources of renewable energy for heat and power and, after we have done everything we can to minimise energy use in the first place, we can offset our residual, unavoidable Carbon Footprint. Under the concept of offsetting, co2balance uses clients’ funds to invest in projects that either absorb or prevent the release of an equivalent tonnage of CO2, for example aforestation (absorption) and energy efficiency (prevention).

Co2balance initiates and manages its own offset projects to ensure that the promised offsets are delivered and maintained throughout the life of the project. Their methods are verified and accredited by Bournemouth University to ensure added public confidence in what we do.

Travel and tourism are significant generators of CO2 and while there are not generally alternatives to travelling using fossil-fuel powered vehicles and craft, we can at least offset the CO2 from our travel arrangements, be that by boat, plane, car or train.